After a long day of shooting and putting up with my crap, Bella hits the hot shower for a nice relaxing shower, of course I had the camera ready and took some photos of this amazing event.

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7 thoughts on “Bella | Naked Filipina in Hot Shower

  1. Charles

    You keep putting up old photos of Bella. She’s got a scar over her left tit now have u seen it? Wondering if you will have any current photos. This shower shoot is very nice though. Nice job with these.

  2. dave

    Bella is so HOT that after seeing her photos I have to take a COLD shower.

    • Charles

      Dave have you seen her on yet? That’s where she’s working now. Live shows! She’s so sexy! Mmm!

  3. Dave

    Can you please tell me where I can find Bella. “Prettybella24” I have not seen or heard from her since March 2013. Please help thanks.

  4. Dave

    Bella is one hot model you have there. I hate to lose connections and she disappears 4 ever. Please Help !!!

  5. Dave

    I was wondering if Bella was still around.I haven’t seen her in a few months.Does anyone know where I can find her? Please let me know. Thanks

  6. HotDawg_10

    Found out from another member of MyFreeCams that she is married now.

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